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  • Employment: Freelance
  • Type: Wordpress
  • Year: 2017

Switch and Save was a website built for another staff member working at the same company I built Hinckley Interiors for. The company helps people to save money on their energy bills by switching them to cheaper tarrifs.

This was a difficult website to build mostly due to the client not knowing what they wanted and expecting me to come up with pages and content for an industry I am not familiar with. The colour scheme was chosen to reflect saving energy. With green and blue representing greener power and water. 

With this website I started to experiment more with dynamic features, such as the animate bar chart on the homepage. I wanted to incorporate things like this to make navigating the site more interesting and engage the visitor. 

Looking back I would probably choose a different font, I feel it is too thick and heavy, something lighter would look much better. I am happy with the layout of the homepage, but there wasn't enough content available for the other pages so I feel they are empty and bland. 

Unfortunately this website never went livve.