Live Demo

(Currently waiting to replace the current site, so live link may be different).

Accessible Stratford-upon-Avon is a website that is intended to provide valuable information to visitors of the town who suffer from a variety of disablities.

I was responsible for redesigning the current site to make it more modern whilst also keeping things simple so that people who suffer from visual or motor disablities are still able to navigate the website effectively. This was achieved with help from the client who is herself disabled. 

Black on white text was used, with sans-serif font to keep readability high. Some light grey backgrounds were used for different blocks of content, and light yellow was chosen for the headers as yellow was the original colour of disabled badges, however the lighter more cream yellow was better for readability. 

The website is a single page to allow for easier navigation for those who cannot use mice, instead being able to use arrow keys or page up and down to scroll, and tab to select the two downloadable resources.