I built 247 Catering Supplies during my IT apprenticeship that I took on after leaving school. Although I was hired mostly for admin of the existing website, the company wanted a second one to split up their huge product range and make navigation simpler.

The company supplies commercial refrigeration and catering equipment for supermarkets, cafes, restaurants etc. And at the time had over 10,000 products on a single website. By creating this one that product range was cut at roughly a 60/40 split between the two. One purely for refrigeration and the other for other catering equipment. 

This website was built using the eCommerce platform Magento on version 1.8 at the time. It has since been updated and redesigned since I have left. Unfortunately I never kept the files so a screenshot of my design is all that is available. You should be able to view at least the homepage with the Wayback Machine.

As this was another early website for me my knowledge only really consisted of html and css, so most of the work was the visual design. Though later on I did start to learn javascript and implement widgets such as a countdown timer for cut off of next day delivery.