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  • Employment: Setsquare Solutions Ltd / Freelance
  • Type: Bespoke
  • Year: 2019

Snap is a bespoke CMS that I have started working on during my time at Setsquare due to the company preferring bespoke systems over somthing like Wordpress due to security concerns.

It is a simple CMS which follows a similar design to Wordpress albiet much simpler. I have been developing it since May 2019 and consider it to be complete as of September 2019. Although I am actively still updating the code to clean things up and make things more user friendly.

The CMS offers the ability to create and manage pages and blog posts easily, as well as creating custom post types such as testimonials or products. Although there is no eCommerce functionality built in, the difference only being what information can be included and layout differences. Specifications such as height, width and depth can be included for example.

I have generally built the CMS to be able to quickly and efficiently develope sites myself, it may be confusing to learn for other developers, but the files are available via Github.