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  • Employment: OLD Engineering Ltd
  • Type: Bespoke
  • Year: 2018

This MRP System (Manufacturing Resource Planning) started out as a small prjoect designed to provide information to warehouse staff about what parts needed to be shipped and where to on a daily basis. Before this system was implemented a lot of mistakes were being made with incorrect quantities being sent, or goods sent to the wrong customer. 

This system gave warehouse staff a screen where they could see exactly what needed to go and where to. It also has measures in place to prevent goods from being dispatched if they attempted to send too many or to a customer who didn't require those goods. In order to trace back any mistakes the system would track who sent what, where to and when it was sent.

Over time other features were added to keep track of goods in stock, what raw materials were on order and when they were due for delivery. I had also started working on tracking the manufacturing process and where goods were and when they were due for completion. Unfortunately this was not finished before I left the company.

Another area of the system focused on automating the process of creating manufacturing schedules. Which was originally a three day process of manual data entry, which was cut down to less than 20 minutes with minor human input required, also removing the possibility of human error.