• Employment: Home Online Stores Ltd
  • Type: Bespoke
  • Year: 2017

This system was built to automate the process of producing picking lists and shipping labels of products ordered through various different channels. 

The company worked with several affiliate deal companies similar to Groupon, who would reserve stock of items to advertise, taking a cut of each sale.

Orders would generally be emailed through on CSV files on a daily basis. The files contained information such as name, address, contact details, product ordered, and quantity.

When I was initially hired at the company it was my job to go through these files and extract the relevant data to copy into new CSV files with a different format. These files could then be uploaded to our couriers websites to produce shipping labels. 

It would usually take one full working day to process all of that days orders manually, and due to the sheer numbers of orders a lot of mistakes were made due to human error. 

This system worked by scanning the email account and downloading the CSV files. The files would then be searched and the information would be imported into a database.This database provided a place for staff members to search and track orders. But also exported the data into the CSV files used to produce shipping labels. The data was sorted by product as well as colour, size or other variables. 

This cut down a days worth of data inputting and reduced it to only a few minutes, plus time to print the labels, totalling an hour or two in total, while also removing human error and saving the company money replacing incorrect orders.